REMINDER CfP pre-constituted panels on film festivals at NECS 2013

Media Politics ‒ Political MediaNECS04
The NECS 2013 Conference
Prague, Czech Republic, June 20-22, 2013
Hosted by Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague

In preparation for the seventh annual NECS conference taking place in Prague, 20-22 June 2013, we would like to invite scholars working on film festivals (especially members of the Film Festival Research Network & NECS Film Festival Research Work Group) to submit paper proposals for one of more pre-constituted panels.

The panel(s) will be open to papers on all aspects of research relating to film festivals, but we specifically invite papers on the conference theme of ‘Media Politics – Political Media’. Please note that individuals may submit only one paper proposal, either to the open call or as a part of a pre-constituted panel or workshop.

Panels may consist of 3-4 speakers with a maximum of 20 minutes speaking time each. All presenters are obliged to provide us with a title, an abstract (max. 150 words), 3-5 key bibliographical references, name of the presenter with institutional affiliation and a brief bio (max. 100 words).  Please adhere to the word-counts as submissions with over-long bios and/or abstracts cannot be processed.

We ask anyone interested in participating in a film festival panel to send their completed proposal to Skadi Loist by JANUARY 15, 2013 to allow time for preparation of the overall panel description(s) and submission before the general submissions deadline on January 31, 2013.  Please indicate also whether you are willing to chair a panel and submit a panel.

Panel organizers are asked to submit panel proposals including a panel title, a short description (up to 100 words) of the panel and information on all the papers as listed above.

In the new automated submission process the following restrictions apply:
Conference participants may deliver one paper and may only serve in a maximum two capacities:

  1. Deliver a paper and serve as a chair of either a panel or a workshop
  2. Deliver a paper and participate in a workshop
  3. Deliver a paper and serve as a respondent on another panel
  4. Chair a workshop and serve as a respondent on a panel
  5. Chair a panel and participate in a workshop

The conference language is English. Conference attendance is free, but NECS membership is required to participate in the conference. For the terms of NECS membership, please see the website. Participants will have to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses. Detailed information on NECS and the Prague Conference are posted on

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  1. søren birkvad says:

    Is it still possible to submit an abstract and attend the conference?
    Best wishes
    Søren Birkvad
    professor of Cinema Studies
    Lillehammer University College

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