11. Online Resources

There is a variety of online resources that discuss or compile information on film festivals, both for academic, professional and lay readers. See also our blogroll on the right hand side of the page.


The Big Queer Film Festival List, festival database. <www.queerfilmfestivals.org>

DinaView: Film Culture Technology Money, blog. <www.dinaview.com/>

Directory of International Film and Video Festivals (British Council). <www.britfilms.com/festivals/>

Dynamics of World Cinema – Resources, online research material website. <http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/worldcinema/index.php/resources/research/>

The Evening Class, blog. <http://theeveningclass.blogspot.com/>

Fantastic Film Festivals: US & Canada, resource website.  <http://fantasticfilmfests.com/>

Film & Festivals, online & print magazine. <www.filmandfestivals.com>

Film Festival Academy, festival community network platform for knowledge exchange, training, collaboration. <www.filmfestivalacademy.net>

Film Festivals.com, festival portal. <www.filmfestivals.com>

Film Festivals Australia, blog dedicated to film festival culture in Australia. <www.filmfestivalsaustralia.org>

Holland, Chris.  Film Festival Secrets, blog. <http://www.filmfestivalsecrets.com/>

Independent Films by the Numbers: The Marketing of Independent Films, blog. Category festivals: <http://www.lathrios.com/blog/?cat=8>

IndieWIRE, trade journal. <www.indiewire.com>

Levine, Sydney J. Sydney’s Buzz, festival and film industry blog. <http://sydneysbuzz.blogspot.com>; <http://blogs.indiewire.com/sydneylevine>

Loist, Skadi. Queer Film Festivals globally (1977-2015), map of LGBT/Q film festivals globally since 1977. <http://tinyurl.com/kmbwzwf>

Screen International: Festivals, trade journal. <www.screendaily.com/festivals/>

World Film Festivals: An Exploration of Film Culture based at Monash University, Australia, blog. <http://monashftv.wordpress.com/>


(Last updated: 25 February 2015)