9.1 Identity-Based Festivals

The largest group of available research on specialized film festivals is dedicated to identity-based film festivals. Thus, this is the group located at the top of the list. As becomes visible in this list, there has been great interest in queer film festivals as well as women’s film festivals. It is not surprising that this is the case considering the identity debates in feminist and queer activism and theory. Many of the pieces on queer film festivals are not only interesting to researchers of the queer theories or subcultural fields. Rather, these pieces can contribute to general discussions of the relation between film festivals and their cinephile communities, reception contexts and programming.

Apart from women’s and queer film festivals there exists a wide range of other identity-based film festivals – which have not (often) been specifically studied as such. There are pieces, however, that deal with examples such as the Jewish film festival (Galliner 2004, section 10), black American film festivals, Asian (American) film festivals etc.

9.1.1 LGBT / Queer Film Festivals
9.1.2 Women’s Film Festivals
9.1.3 Jewish Film Festivals


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