5. Business Matters: Industries, Distribution and Markets

Although film festivals’ core business is screening films, many festivals also facilitate “the business” of cinema. Arguably, the big international film festivals – Cannes, Berlin, Toronto etc. – owe a great deal of their prestigious and influential position in the festival network to the success of their market activities and services for the industry. Art cinema, world cinema and independent cinema increasingly depend on the nodes of the festival network for financing, sales, promotion and traffic (Biskind 2004; Perren 2001). But even medium-sized and small (international) festivals can play important roles in national or regional industries, offering, for instance, networking opportunities for professionals, training for filmmakers and/or entry points into the transnational flows that define today’s film culture.

In the subcategories listed below a variety of publications is collected. The diversity of audiences addressed by these works – academic, professional and institutional/governmental – points at a widespread recognition of the vital role film festivals play in media industries worldwide.

5.1 Markets and Funds
5.2 Distribution
5.3 Service Guides for Professionals
5.4 Studies / Reports Related to Film Festival Research
5.5 Festivals as Organizations

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(Last updated: 11. April 2024)