1.1 Film Festival Studies

In the last few year, research on film festivals has taken off and it is save to say the field of Film Festival Studies is in formation.

The following groupings of texts attest to this.  There is a growing number of key texts appearing that theorize film festivals and their study (see section “1.1 a) Film Festival Theory”).  Discussions in the field have lead to reports and responses to the research presented (see section “1.1 b) Reports and Responses to Film Festival Studies”) and reviews of seminal publications are appearing (see section “1.1 c) Book Reviews”).

1.1 a) Film Festival Theory
1.1 b) Reports and Responses to Film Festival Studies
1.1 c) Book Reviews
1.1 d) Bibliographies
1.1 e) Film Festival Pedagogy

Valent, Alexandra. “Kinosterben Und Festival-Boom: Zur Geschichte Zweier Gegenläufiger Phänomene in Wien.” [The Death of Cinema and Festival-Boom. On the History of two Opposing Phenomena in Vienna]. Maske und Kothurn, vol. 64, no. 3, 2018, pp. 87–96.

(Last updated: 24 July 2021)

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