Film festival research at Screen Studies Conference 2013

The subScreenmission of pre-constituted panels by members of the FFRN to the Screen Studies Conference (Glasgow, 28-30 June 2013) was very successful.  According to the preliminary program note circulated to accepted presenters there will be 3 panels and a few single papers on film festival research at the conference.

Here is a preliminary list of the festival-related panels and papers:

Panel: Cosmopolitan Circuits: The Influence of Film Festivals on Global Film Circulation

  • Marijke de Valck: “Circulation and Promotion of Alternative Filmmaking through Film Festivals”
  • Skadi Loist: “Exchange Networks: The International Film Festival Circuit and Global Film Circulation”
  • Aida Vallejo Vallejo: “Festival translations: documentary production and cultural exchange within Europe”

Panel:  On the Interplay of Cosmopolitanism, Difference and Resistance at International Film Festivals

  • Murat Akser: “A Festival for the Labor: International Labor Film Festival as a Cosmopolitan Site of Resistance”
  • Mattias Frey: “Cosmopolitanism, Exoticism and the ‘Sandwich Process’: The Programming and Discourse of Extreme Cinema at Film Festivals”
  • Ger Zielinski: “Sexual Identities, Liberal Rights, Difference: On the Cosmopolitan Aspects of LGBT Film Festivals Here and There”

Panel: Festivals in the context of Chilean and Japanese cinema

  • Oliver Dew: “The cosmopolitan film festival in Japan”
  • Andrew Dorman: “Decentred Aesthetic: Consolidating Cosmopolitanism Through Cultural Spectacle in Contemporary Japanese ‘Festival Films’”
  • Maria-Paz Peirano: “Towards a ‘cosmopolitan’ national film industry: Contemporary Chilean Cinema at International Film festivals”

Individual Papers within other panels:

Dorota Ostrowska: “Cannes Cinefondation: International Film Festivals as Producers of World Cinema”

David Richler: “Worldly Desires and Cosmopolitan Projections: Festival Spectatorship, the Tourist Gaze, and the Otherwordly Cinema of Apichatpong Weerasethakul”

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