Out now “Film Festivals: History, Theory, Method, Practice”

9780415712477_FFsWe’re happy to announce that Routledge has just published the textbook Film Festivals: History, Theory, Method, Practice, edited by Marijke de Valck (Utrecht University, Netherlands), Brendan Kredell (Oakland University, USA) and Skadi Loist (University of Rostock, Germany).


The book is available in different formats (hardcover, paperback & ebook).  For a 20% DISCOUNT enter the code FLR40 at checkout when ordering from the Routledge website.

FilmFestivals_PromoFlyer_Seite_1About the Book

The last decade has witnessed an explosion of interest in film festivals, with the field growing to a position of prominence within the space of a few short years. Film Festivals: History, Theory, Method, Practice represents a major addition to the literature on this topic, offering an authoritative and comprehensive introduction to the area. With a combination of chapters specifically examining history, theory, method and practice, it offers a clear structure and systematic approach for the study of film festivals.

Offering a collection of essays written by an international range of established scholars, it discusses well-known film festivals in Europe, North America and Asia, but equally devotes attention to the diverse range of smaller and/or specialized events that take place around the globe. It provides essential knowledge on the origin and development of film festivals, discusses the use of theory to study festivals, explores the methods of ethnographic and archival research, and looks closely at the professional practice of programming and film funding. Each section, moreover, is introduced by the editors, and all chapters include useful suggestions for further reading.

This will be an essential textbook for students studying film festivals as part of their film, media and cultural studies courses, as well as a strong research tool for scholars that wish to familiarize themselves with this burgeoning field.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
    The Film Festival and Film Culture’s Transnational Essence
    Dina Iordanova
  • Introduction
    What is a Film Festival? How to Study Festivals and Why You Should
    Marijke de Valck

Part I – History
Introduction Brendan Kredell

  • 1 Making Film History at the Cannes film festival
    Dorota Ostrowska
  • 2 Film Festivals in Asia: Notes on History, Geography and Power from a Distance
    Julian Stringer
  • 3 The Film Festival Circuit: Networks, Hierarchies, and Circulation
    Skadi Loist

Part II – Theory
Introduction Marijke de Valck

  • 4 Contingency, Time and Event: An Archaeological Approach to the Film Festival
    Janet Harbord
  • 5 Publics and Counterpublics: Rethinking Film Festivals as Public Spheres
    Cindy Hing-Yuk Wong
  • 6 Fostering Art, Adding Value, Cultivating Taste: Film Festivals as Sites of Cultural Legitimization
    Marijke de Valck

Part III – Method
Introduction Skadi Loist

  • 7 Being There, Taking Place: Ethnography at the Film Festival
    Toby Lee
  • 8 On Studying Film Festival Ephemera: The Case of Queer Film Festivals and Archives of Feelings
    Ger Zielinski
  • 9 Positionality and Film Festival Research: A Conversation
    Diane Burgess and Brendan Kredell

Part IV – Practice
Introduction Brendan Kredell

  • 10 Seeing Differently: The Curatorial Potential of Film Festival Programming
    Roya Rastegar
  • 11 Affective Labor and the Work of Film Festival Programming
    Liz Czach
  • 12 “The Festival Film”: Film Festival Funds as Cultural Intermediaries
    Tamara L. Falicov
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