Film Festival Research at 2016 SCMS Conference Atlanta

SCMSAt the 2016 SCMS conference, happening in Atlanta March 30-April 3, there are a number of panels and events related to film festival research.  Here are the events endorsed by the Film and Media Festivals SIG of SCMS:

The annual business meeting of the Film and Media festivals SIG will be held on Wednesday, March 30 from 2:00pm-3:45pm in Room 410 (Fourth Floor).

9780415712477_FFsThe Film and Media festivals SIG will be hosting a happy hour on Thursday, March 31 at 5:30pm at Max Lager’s Wood-Fired Grill & Brewery (a short walk from the conference hotel), at which we will toast the release of Film Festivals: History, Theory, Method, Practice, edited by Marijke de Valck, Brendan Kredell, and Skadi Loist.

We encourage you to check out the following Film & Media Festival SIG-sponsored panels at SCMS 2016:

B3: Festival Mobilities: Movement, Movements, Publics

  • CHAIR Bernard Cook • Georgetown University
  • Vincent Pham • California State University San Marcos • “Drive Outs to ‘Drive By Cinema’: Public Modality and Space in an Irregular Film Festival Project”
  • Ran Ma • Nagoya University • “The Asian Documentary Connections: From Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival (YIDFF) to Asian Network of Documentary (AND)”
  • Bernard Cook • Georgetown University • “Reality Circuits: The Documentary Film Festival and the Mode of Production of Documentary”
  • Olivier Thevenin • University of Upper Alsace • “Auteur Cinema at Cannes Film Festival and the Directors’ Fortnight”

K15: Film Festivals, Cultural Memory, and Politics of the (In)visible

  • CHAIR Antoine Damiens • Concordia University
    CO-CHAIR John Lessard • University of the Pacific
  • John Lessard • University of the Pacific • “The East German Amateur Film Festival as Archive”
  • Kristine Kotecki • Ball State University • “Re-collecting Yugoslavia: Curatorial Politics at Regional Film Festivals”
  • Beth Tsai • SUNY, University at Stony Brook • “Visible Art, Invisible Nations?: On the Politics in Film Festivals and the Case of Taiwanese Cinema”
  • Antoine Damiens • Concordia University • “Screening Festivals: Queer Film Festivals as Visual Architecture”

While not officially sponsored by the SIG, we also encourage you to check out the following festival-related panels:

C19: Strange Bedfellows: Questioning the Strategic Value of Intra-Industry Relationships

  • Chair: Joshua Coonrod (Indiana University)
  • Joshua Coonrod (Indiana University), “”I Wanted To See Your Movie, But The Line To Meet Tom Savini Was SO LONG”: Intersections of Film Festivals and Fan Conventions”
  • Anne Major (University of Texas, Austin), “Powering Premium Content: An Analysis of Ooyala’s Online Video Services”
  • Jesse Balzer (Indiana University), ““Honoring the Stars Who Make the Stars Shine”: The Prestige Economy and Labor of The Hollywood Reporter’s Key Art Awards”

F15: Paratextual Analysis and Global Circulation

  • Chair: Lisa Patti (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)
    Co-Chair: David Richler (Carleton University)
  • David Richler (Carleton University), “Film Festival Paratexts, Digital Circulation, and the Idea of World Cinema”
  • Pavitra Sundar (Kettering University), “Sound and Subtitles: The Paratexts of Lunchbox”
  • Melissa Gelinas (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor), “Trailers and the Transnational Circulation of Multilingual Films”
  • Fan Yang (University of Maryland, Baltimore County), “House of Cards in China: Paratexts and Transnational Circulation”

M15: French Cinema at the Margins: Forgotten Sites, Practices, and Discourses, 1920-1960

  • Chair: Eric Smoodin (University of California, Davis)
  • Eric Smoodin (University of California, Davis), “The Last Amateurs of Pure Cinema: Ciné-Clubs and French Film Culture, 1927-1945”
  • Annie Fee (University of Washington, Seattle), “Educational Cinema Between Art and Social Activism: Competing Cinephilias in 1920s Paris”
  • Jennifer Wild (University of Chicago), “Beyond the Margin: Against Avant-Garde Film c. 1930”
  • Brian Jacobson (University of Toronto), “Industrial Film Festivals and the Cultural Politics of Postwar Business”

N11: British Film Cultures

  • Chair: Lindsey Decker (Syracuse University)
  • Robert Shail (Leeds Beckett University), “John Krish and British Art Cinema”
  • Rachel Fabian (University of California, Santa Barbara), ““What Are We Left With?”: The London Women’s Film Group and the Limits of 1970s British Alternative Film Culture”
  • Lindsey Decker (Syracuse University), “The British Are (or Aren’t) Coming: Transnational Influence, Film Festivals, and Middle-Class British Film Culture”
  • Justin Smith (University of Portsmouth), “Ploughing a lonely furrow?: “A Field in England” (2013) and alternative distribution in the UK”
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