Film Festivals Studies @ Circuits of Cinema conference (HoMER), Toronto

Circuits of Cinema: Histories of Movie and Media Distribution is a HoMER Network Conference on the History of Moviegoing, Exhibition and Reception hosted by Paul Moore and the Circuits of Cinema Project at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, 22 to 24 June 2017.

Circuits of Cinema will be a forum for presentations of historicized or comparative research on movie distribution and media infrastructures of cultural exchange.  Presenters at Circuits of Cinema will collectively provide a spectrum of critical analysis on aspects of media distribution ranging from classical Hollywood’s global circulation, to histories of local and regional film circuits, to conditions in today’s networked media spaces.

As part of the conference hosting 100 presentations by authors of research on movie and other media distribution, from all eras and places, there will be two panels specifically dedicated to film festivals:

Film Festival Networks: The Work of Organizing Outreach
Sat. 24 June: 10:30 AM- 12:15 PM | Location: POD-372

Moderator: Jonathan Petrychyn

  • Jonathan Petrychyn (York University): “200 dykes having fun”: Organizing Queer and Women’s Film Festivals on the Canadian Prairies
  • Claudia Sicondolfo (York University), Wendy Donnan (York University): When Circuits Go Local: Examining TIFF’s National Outreach Program Film Circuit
  • Umayyah Cable (Northwestern University): Queers in Contest: The Cultural Politics of Palestine in LGBT/Queer Film Festival Organizing
  • Chelsea McCracken (University of Wisconsin-Madison): Taking the “Gay” Show on the Road: LGBTQ Film Festivals and Networks of Distribution

Film Festival Circuits: Methodological Issues
Sat. 24 June: 1:45PM- 3:15PM | Location: POD-372

Moderator: Deb Verhoeven

  • Skadi Loist (University of Rostock): Film Festival Circuits: Studying the Hubs in the Festival Network
  • Diane Burgess (University of British Columbia): Reconfiguring the national cinema value chain: Methodological dilemmas related to measuring the impact of film festival screenings
  • Kirsten Stevens (Monash University): Women in their place: symbolic value and dynamics of circulation in the women’s film festival network
  • Deb Verhoeven (Deakin University), Respondent


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