Film Festival Research @ NECS 2022 Bucharest CFP

The NECS Film Festival Research Workgroup calls for papers and pre-constituted panels/workshops for the NECS 2022 Conference, Bucharest 22-26 June.

The Film Festival Research Workgroup of NECS is looking forward to reconnect in person with film festival scholars, festival practitioners and friends during the upcoming NECS conference in Bucharest. The NECS 2022 will be held at the National University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest from 22-26 June. The conference theme is ‘Epistemic Media: Atlas, Archive, Network.’ You can find the call for papers on the conference page.

The workgroup is both interested in submissions that deal with this year’s theme and papers, panels and workshops that survey the field of film festival studies at large. In particular, we invite PhD students and young scholars to respond to the call and join the workgroup. We are also eager to hear from the various (funded) projects on film festivals that are ongoing worldwide.

Papers, panels and workshop proposals need to be submitted by 31 January, 2022. The Film Festival Research Workgroup would like to facilitate and streamline festival research submissions by offering sponsorship of pre-constituted panels and creating panels from individual submissions (to be submitted as pre-constituted panels). Sponsorship enhances visibility.

  • If you have a pre-constituted panel or workshop dealing with festivals and would like sponsorship, please get in touch with Marijke (m.devalck[at]
  • If you are looking for panelists, workgroup participants or respondents to complete your pre-constituted panel, consider using the film festival research mailing list in your search along with the NECS workgroup.
  • If you would like to be in a film festival panel, please send your individual paper proposal to Marijke before 21 January, 2022 (m.devalck[at] We will form panels and ask appointed chairs to submit the panel before the 31 January deadline.

Submission details

  • Conference participants may deliver one paper and may only serve in a MAXIMUM of two capacities (paper presentation, workshop participation, panel/workshop chair, respondent)
  • Submissions have word limits for abstracts (300 words), bios (150 words) and bibliography references (200 words)
  • The submission form is only open to registered NECS members who paid the membership fee.

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