CFP for the 2013 SCMS conference

CFP for the 2013 SCMS conference (March 6-10, Drake Hotel, Chicago)

As discussed in the SIG meeting we (Skadi and Ger) will serve as coordinators for the CFP, so please send us your proposals so that we may put the panels together under cogent themes. We hope that this will help more scholars to participate in the panels and workshops and to make the process more efficient for all concerned.

As we cannot submit all panels directly as SIG chairs, in addition to your proposal please let us know if you are willing and in a position to act as a chair for a panel or workshop.  As chair you are responsible for the timely submission of the panel to the SCMS site. Be aware that according to SCMS guidelines one person can only serve in two different functions at a time, e.g. either act as chair and give a paper, or give a paper and be part of a workshop, but not submit two papers – see guidelines.

DEADLINE: Send us by email your proposal for paper, panel, workshop, or event by *Monday, July 30*.

Some topics for consideration (intersectional as ever, but definitely not limited to these!):

  • documentary film festivals
  • authorship and the festival network
  • mobile festivals, old and new, analogue and digital
  • transnational aspects of festivals
  • agora, protest, resistance at film festivals
  • Latin American, African, Asian film festivals
  • multiplatform festivals
  • political economy of film/media festivals
  • insider/outsider
  • tourism and festivals
  • subcultures, scenes and festivals
  • social movements and festivals
  • innovating, updating festivals

See the GENERAL CFP for SCMS: here.

PAPER: To propose a paper, you must include: 1) a title, 2) a summary no longer than 2500 characters, 3) 3-5 bibliographic sources, 4) an author bio no longer than 500 characters (name, academic affiliation, research interests), and 5) indicate whether you would like to chair a panel. Please also include a few key thematics to your paper, which we will use to group your paper with others into panels.

While our SIG has been very successful in the number of its panels and workshops being accepted, this all depends on the quality of our individual and group proposals. For those who have little experience in writing conference proposals, please consult the practical points here, and ask your doctoral supervisor for advice.

WORKSHOP: To propose a workshop, you must include: 1) a title, 2) a summary no longer than 2500 characters, 3) 3-5 bibliographic sources, 4) a chair bio no longer than 500 characters and the names, affiliations, and bios for no more than five participants excluding the chair. You may use either the workshop title or a new topic title for each participant. Note: titles should clearly signal the main topic of the proposal.

If you already have created a panel or workshop, wonderful but please let us know! If your panel requires a few participants, please let us know!

The 2013 conference bulletin board is up. While we will be posting our call on the official bulletin board, we would prefer that you submit your proposals to us via the email addresses above. We encourage you to keep an eye on it for any other relevant calls. (The deadline for bulletin board submissions is July 16 at 5:00pm CT)

EVENTS: While we would like to retain our very successful social event at the beginning of the conference, we would also like to set aside an amount ($100) for sponsoring a local guest speaker, especially if coordinated with another SIG or Caucus group. The person proposing the event will take care of administrating the whole process, once the selection has been made.

Please email to us a proposal including a short description (2500 characters max), its relevance to film/media festival studies, persons involved, likelihood that those participating will be available and willing, contact information, and short bio of the organizer.

Please also inform yourself of the various deadlines for the graduate student travel stipend and waivers.

After July 30, we will consider all proposals to constitute the panels and workshops, then inform all those concerned. Since pre-constituted panels are more likely to be accepted than individual papers, we  are aiming to maximize the number of participants working on film/media festivals.

We wish you an excellent summer, and are looking forward to your submissions to us in late July!

Very best,

Skadi Loist & Ger Zielinski
Co-chairs, Film and Media Festivals SIG, SCMS


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