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The Film Festival Academy is an international community network platform for film festival professionals. FFA welcomes members from the wider film community of filmmakers, distributors, film critics, students and academics. The Academy provides a credible and ethical space for knowledge exchange, vocational training, and actual collaboration.

The Film Festival Academy will be making very many film festival-related publications available online. On the FFA site already available are downloadable PDFs of six texts that should be of direct interest to anyone working in the field: Marijke de Valck’s groundbreaking history of the development of film festivals; NISI MASA’s report from the industry training workshop in Espinho, July 2012; Thomas Elsaesser’s seminal chapter ‘Film Festival Networks: The New Topographies of Cinema in Europe’ from his excellent volume European Cinema: Face to Face with Hollywood; a new provocation from Mark Cousins, who challenges us to think afresh about film festival form; the entire International Film Guide 2012, with detailed surveys of the national cinema of over a hundred countries as well as director profiles and festival lisitings; and Dekalog 3: On Film Festivals, a fine collection of essays from festival programmers, academics and film critics.

Visit the site for publications and further information on the Film Festival Academy.

Also available on the site are information and material on the inaugural Film Festival Academy event, which took place at the 50th New York Film Festival September 27-28, 2012.

Have a good look and become a member of the Film Festival Academy.


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