Film Festival Research @ ECREA Film Conference, Lund, 8-9 Nov. 2013

European Film Cultures: An International Conference

Two panels will be devoted to film festival studies at this ECREA Film Studies Section Interim Conference taking place 8-9 November 2013 at Lund University, Sweden.

8 November 2013, 15.15–16.45
Panel 3: Film Festivals: Structures, Circuits, Networks
Chair: Eva Novrup Redvall (Copenhagen)
Room: H140

  • Ann Vogel (Humboldt University Berlin): The film festival as object of sociologic analysis: problem, method and theory
  • Skadi Loist (University of Hamburg): Queer circuits: the flow of LGBT films within the film festival ecosystem
  • Enrico Vannucci (Oxford Brookes University): Harmonic dissonance: an overview of the Italian short film festivals

9 November 2013, 15.50-17.50
Panel 13: Film Festivals: Memory and Programming
Chair: Skadi Loist (University of Hamburg)
Room: H135a

  • Lesley Ann Dickson (University of Glasgow): ‘Mainstream to arthouse, vintage to futuristic’:programming practices at Glasgow Film Festival and the challenges facing inclusive audience
  • Przemyslaw Suwart (Berlin): International Short Film Festival Oberhausen and New German Cinema
  • Iratxe Fresneda Delgado (University of Basque Country UPV-EHU): Far from (women’s) visibility: FIAPF competitive film festivals

You can access the full conference program here.

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