Film and Media Festivals Scholarly Interest Group established at SCMS

This year’s large SCMS conference was quite impressive for festival research in its growing variety of topics and approaches. The papers and workshops probed the area in many exciting new ways. Congratulations to everyone concerned!

I would like to acknowledge here the recent acceptance of the “Film and Media Festivals Scholarly Interest Group” by the board of directors of the SCMS and its inaugural meeting. Joining NECS, this will serve as another very useful node for festival researchers from around the world.  At the meeting, Skadi Loist and Ger Zielinski were elected to serve as the first co-chairs for the group, with two- and three-year tenure, respectively.

On the SCMS website your can find the webpage for this new scholarly interest group (SIG).  Please go to the Film and Media Festivals Scholarly Interest Group site to find out more about the SIG’s mission statement, goals and objects as well as the bylaws.  We encourage members of SCMS to add themselves as members via the site.

Should you have any questions regarding the new SCMS SIG, please contact the chairs Skadi Loist or Ger Zielinski directly.


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