Film Festival Research workgroup @ NECS 2018 Amsterdam

The NECS 2018 Conference “media tactics and engagement” taking place in Amsterdam, Netherlands » June 27-29, 2018 is only a few days away.

Here is a list of all festival related papers and panels at this year’s NECS conference.

Panels Sponsored by Film Festival Research Workgroup

A7 Festivals’ History from 1950s to 1970s
Wednesday 27th » 9.00-10.45; UvA OMHP D1.18A

  • Chair: Stefano Pisu »University of Cagliari/University of Roma Tre
  • Caroline Moine »University of Versailles St-Quentin-en-Yvelines
    The International Federation of Film Producers Associations Backstage at International Film Festivals during the Cold War
  • Stefano Pisu »University of Cagliari/University of Roma Tre
    The “Giornata del film europeo” in Venice: Between Film Festivals and European Media Policies, 1956-1960
  • Gabrielle Chomentowski »National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations, Paris
    African and Arab Filmmakers at Moscow and Tashkent Film Festivals: Foreign Policy and Professional Strategy during the Cold War
  • Elena Razlogova »Concordia University, Montreal
    Translation as Surveillance and Curation at the Moscow International Film Festival in the 1960s

B7  Festival Strategies: Top down / Bottom up
Wednesday 27th » 11.00-12.45, UvA OMHP D1.18A

  • Chair: Eija Niskanen »University of Helsinki
  • Melis Behlil »Kadir Has University
    Antalya in Istanbul: An Alternative “National Competition”
  • Ann Breidenbach »Stephens College
    Sightlines and Shadows: Citizen Jane, Activism, and Women’s Film Festivals
  • Diane Burgess »University of British Columbia
    #SeeTheNorth: Re-curating the National After TIFF at Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival
  • Ger Zielinski »Ryerson University
    Film Festivals as Media Practice: On Community Tactics and Strategies of Influence

C7  Film Festivals in the Global South
Wednesday 27th » 13.45-15.30, UvA OMHP D1.18A

  • Chair: Marijke de Valck »Utrecht University
  • Julia González de Canales »University of Vienna
    European Film Festivals’ production strategies in the Global South
  • Juliana Muylaert Mager »Universidade Federal Fluminense
    Brazilian documentaries in IDFA’s Bertha Fund: discussing the place for non-European cinemas in a globalized film festivals circuit
  • Konstantinos Tzouflas »University of Zurich
    Timely opportunities or poisoned gifts? The New Argentine Cinema, the Greek New Wave & the festival funding/prod. Instruments

D8  Queer Film Festivals
Wednesday 27th » 15.45-17.00, UvA OMHP E0.12

  • Chair: Skadi Loist »Film University Babelsberg
  • Frederik Dhaenens »Ghent University
    Moderately Queer Programming at an Established LGBTQ Film Festival: A case study of BFI Flare-London LGBT Film Festival
  • Theresa Heath »King’s College, London
    ‘Revolution sometimes happens because everyone refuses to go home’ Precarity and resistance at queer film festivals
  • Jonathan Petrychyn »York University
    Happy Queers in a ‘Market without Imagination’: Canadian Queer Film Festival Programming Tactics, 1995-2005

E2  Film Festivals after Netflix
Thursday 28th » 9.00-10.45, UvA OMHP A1.18D

  • Chair: Susan S. Kerns »Columbia College Chicago
  • Aleksandra Milovanovic »Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Serbia
    (Re)thinking Distribution, Exhibition and Spectatorship: Sustainability of Balkan Film Festivals
  • Eija Niskanen »University of Helsinki
    Positing animation film festivals in the film festival circle
  • Pete Porter »University of Amsterdam
    Okja, satire, and Netflix: this giant piggy went to market; this giant piggy came home
  • Kirsten Stevens »Monash University
    Film Festivals After Netflix: Rethinking contemporary film festival engagement and programming tactics

F  Film Festival Research Workgroup meeting
Thursday, 28 June 2018, 11-12.45,

I13  Film Festivals  (HoMER)
Friday 29th » 11.00-12.45, VU Main Building 14A20

  • Chair: Paul Moore
  • Sezen Kayhan »Koc University, Istanbul
    Alternative Exhibition Strategies of Film Festivals in Turkey
  • María Paz Peirano »Universidad de Chile
    Audience Formation”: Film Festivals and the Expansion of the Cinematic Field in Chile
  • Vincent Baptist »University of Amsterdam
    Curated Circulation: Exploring the Consecutive Dissemination of Feature Films by Festivals, Distributors and Cinemas
  • Maria A. Velez-Serna »University of Stirling
    Fringe festivals and DIY film exhibition in Scotland


Panels and Papers that might also be of Interest

F3  Queer Tactics, On and Behind the Screen: Practices of Coalition and Refusal in Cinema’s Queer Commons
Thursday 28th » 11.00-12.45, UvA OMHP C1.05

  • Chair: Ger Zielinski »Ryerson University
  • Antoine Damiens »Concordia University
    Cineffable’s invisible labour: Paris International lesbian film festivals’ subtitles, translation, and solidarity
  • Emma Flavian »McGill University
    Screening the Tear: Black Counter-Cinema, Bad Parolees, and Spectatorships of Empathy
  • Clinton Glenn »McGill University
    Murderers of the Patriarchy: Reframing the (Queer) Nation in Romas Zabarauskas’ Porno Melodrama and You Can’t Escape Lithuania

G1  How to Teach European Cinema: the European University Film Award and Beyond
Thursday 28th » 13.45-15.30, UvA OMHP A1.18C

  • Chair: Skadi Loist »Film University Babelsberg
  • Workshop participants:
    Kathrin Kohlstedde »Filmfest Hamburg
  • Dagmar Brunow »Linnaeus University
  • Lydia Papadimitriou »Liverpool John Moores University
  • Laura Copier »Universiteit Utrecht
  • Melis Behlil »Kadir Has University
  • Michał Pabiś-Orzeszyna »University of Lodz

G7  Engaging in Cultural Democracy: Pedagogy, Curatorship, Artistic Practice

Thursday 28th » 13.45-15.30, UvA OMHP D1.18A

  • Chair: Synne Tollerud Bull »University of Oslo, Norway
  • Andrea Pócsik »Pázmány Péter Catholic University
    “We, Europeans…” Challenges of socially engaged art, curatorship and teaching practice
  • Miriam De Rosa »Coventry University
    Curating Moving Images in the Postdigital Age
  • Paula Albuquerque »University of Amsterdam / Gerrit Rietveld Academy
    Beyond the Violet End of the Spectrum – Specter Visualization in the Age of CCTV and Drones
  • Susan Kerns »Columbia College Chicago
    Embodying Pedagogy and Contradiction in Film Festival Planning and Curation
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