Film Festival Studies at NECS 2013 Prague

The orNECS04ganizing team of the NECS Conference 2013 “Media Politics – Political Media” in Prague (20-22 June 2013) have sent out the conference program.  These are the panels that feature one or more papers related to film festival studies.prague_0



Wednesday, 19.6.2013, 17-19h
The Faculty of Arts in is Jana Palacha 2, 11638, Prague 1.

Pre-Conference Workshop

Academics vs Professionals


  • Aida Vallejo (researcher on European Documentary Film Festivals)
  • Skadi Loist (co-founder of Film Festival Research Network)
  • Marek Hovorka (Jihlava Documentary Festival Director, Czech Republic)
  • Miriam Šimková (Manager of East Silver Video Library -specialized in documentary from Eastern and Central Europe-Czech Republic)
  • Hanka Rezková (project manager of Institute of Documentary Film – Czech Republic)


NECS Conference Panels:

Thursday, 20.6.2013, Slot A, 9:00-10:45
Panel A4:  Modes and Practices of Participatory Engagement
Chair: n.n.

  • Leshu Torchin (University of St Andrews): Advance Engagement: Crowd Funding and Publics Production for “The Yes Men Are Revolting”
  • Ryan Shand (University of Glasgow): Excitement Lies Elsewhere: Teenage Digital Moviemakers and Commercial Culture
  • Allister Gall (Plymouth University): Imperfect Makes Practice
  • Aleksandra Sekulic (University of Arts in Belgrade): Low-Fi Video Festivals as Performance of Microcinema and Yugoslav Cine-Amateurism

Friday, 21.6.2013, Slot E, 9:00-10:45
Panel 6E: Questions of Method? Diagramming Unofficial Versions of Cinema (London and Mumbai)
Chair: Janet Harbord (Queen Mary, University of London)

  • Gil Toffell (Queen Mary, University of London): Intergenerational Knowledge, Local Space and New Media
  • Amit Rai (Queen Mary, University of London): Knowledge or Diagram? Or How to do Things with Film Festivals
  • Janet Harbord (Queen Mary, University of London): The Trouble with Cinephilia: Doing Unofficial Things with Film in London and Mumbai Neighborhoods

Friday, 21.6.2013, Slot H, 15:45-17:30
Panel 3H: Alternative Film, Specialized Festivals: On the Politics of Festivals
Chair: Ger Zielinski (Trent University)

  • Ger Zielinski (Trent University): Sexual Identities, Liberal Rights, Difference: On the Cosmopolitan Aspects of LGBT Film Festivals Here and There
  • Ana Gilbert (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro): Disability Film Festivals: Territories of Biological Identity(ies)
  • Greg de Cuir (University of Arts in Belgrade): The Fractured History of Avant-garde Film Festivals
  • Mattias Frey (University of Kent): Cosmopolitanism, Exoticism and the “Sandwich Process”: The Programming and Discourse of Extreme Cinema at Film Festivals


Friday, 21.6.2013, 21.00 (after the NECS General Members Assembly 2013)
FFRN Get-together at a bar/restaurant near the conference location


Saturday, 22.6.2013, Slot I, 9:00-10:45
Panel 3I: Media Industry and “Economic Censorship” in Post-authoritarian/Transitional Economies
Chair: Ann Vogel (Humboldt University of Berlin)

  • Valeria Zanier (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice): United We Win: The Delicate Balance of State and Private in China’s Media Industry
  • Elena Pollacchi (Stockholm University): Glamour and Ruins: The Chinese Obsession to Walk the Red Carpet
  • Dunja Jelenkovic (Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University): Use of Images for Political Purposes: Documentary Production of Radio Television of Serbia during the NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999
  • Dennis Broe (Long Island University): Runaway Realism: How Italian Cinema Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Box Office

Saturday, 22.6.2013, Slot I, 9:00-10:45
Panel 7I: The Politics in/of Chinese Alternative Media Culture
Chair: Victor Ho Lok Fan (King’s College London)

  • Luke Robinson (University of Nottingham): The Body Politic(s) of Chinese Activist Documentary
  • Jenny Chio (Emory University): Video Documentary and Public Culture in Rural, Ethnic China
  • Hongwei Bao (Nottingham Trent University): “Guerrilla Warfare”: Spatial Politics and Socialist Tactics in the Organisation of the Beijing Queer Film Festival
  • Qi Wang (Georgia Institute of Technology): The Concept of Surface in the Cinema of Jia Zhangke

Saturday, 22.6.2013, Slot K, 13:45-15:30
Panel 3K: Politics of Documentary Exhibition
Chair: Lucie Česálková (Masaryk University / National Film Archive, Prague)

  • Aida Vallejo Vallejo (University of the Basque Country / Autonomous University of Madrid): The Rise of Documentary Festivals
  • Andrea Slováková (Charles University): Jury’s(diction) – Hit Making – The Internal Structures of a Festival Jury’s Decision-making
  • Veronika Klusakova (Palacky University in Olomouc): The Role and Purpose of Science Film Festivals
  • Anna Wiehl (University of Bayreuth): Beyond Observation: Interactive Documentary, Perception and Participatory Culture

Saturday, 22.6.2013, Slot L, 15:45-17:30
Panel 1L: The Film Festival Circuit: The Role of Festivals for Global Film Circulation
Chair: Elena Pollacchi (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)

  • Skadi Loist (University of Hamburg): Network Exchange: The International Film Festival Circuit and Global Film Circulation
  • Marijke de Valck (University of Amsterdam): Circulation and Promotion of Alternative Filmmaking through Film Festivals
  • Maria-Paz Peirano (University of Kent): Making the Festival “Home”: Chilean Cinema and its Circulation in European Film Festivals

Saturday, 22.6.2013, Slot L, 15:45-17:30
Panel 3L: Trasforming Reality: Screenwriting and Development in Creative Documentary Filmmaking
Chair: Aida Vellejo Vallejo (University of the Basque Country / Autonomous University of Madrid)

  • Jan Gogola (FAMU): “Documentary” is not the Twin of the World: Understanding Reality as a Genre Structure – Contemporary Tendencies in Creative Documentary Screenwriting
  • Hana Rezkova (Institute of Documentary Film): Self-constituted Buffer: Documentary Film Development and National Film Policies in Visegrad Countries
  • Marek Hovorka (Director of Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival): Deepening the Structure of Documentary Film Development: Innovative Industry Projects of Documentary Film Festivals
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